interactive installation, data visualization

Screen recording of the app in use; try it at www.speakeasy.surge.sh

Literal wordplay

This app uses speech recognition to turn your words into boxes of text, images and anything you want. Depending on what mode is active, the words you say or the images related to your words are dropped into the 2D world or images. You can also make the words and images move. If you say 'jump', they jump. If you say something about 'gravity', the gravity of the 2D world is altered.

Try it at www.speakeasy.surge.sh. (Use Chrome for an optimal experience and make sure you give the app permissions to use the microphone.)

Playful diversion at your event

Speakeasy is available for rent as a playful interactive installation for events, informal or formal, from birthdays through meetups to corporate demos. It can be customized to respond to custom keywords with specific images or actions. What's more, it can be displayed on a small screen, huge screen or even a projection. Email me at samuelsetenyi@gmail.com to ask about renting it.

Speakeasy Gif

Short capture of the app

Behind the Scenes

The app currently uses p5.js as the renderer, matter.js as the 2D physics engine and the p5.speech library to recognize speech via the microphone. To get the images based on the speech recognized, Pixabay's API is used. There is scope to extend this with any kind of API.