interactive installation, data visualization

Demo GIF

Demo GIF of the city visualization


Mestometer is a project initiated and designed by Samuel Velebný to make a digital interactive installation that simulates the decision-making processes of urban economies.

Interaction Photo

A visitor interacts with the installation by placing a particular brick onto the map

City Visualization

The app invites visitors to take bricks of various types and place, move and remove them over the map of Košice, Slovakia. Consequently, the placement of a brick triggers changes in the urban economy of the city, visualized in the projection. For example, after placing park bricks onto the map, a park icon appears in the visualization and the living conditions of the particular area will improve, indicated by changes in the small icons across the city.

Bricks Photo

Bricks of various types and sizes marked with a special marker that was used to interpret visitors' interactions with the map

Installation Setup

Installation Setup