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Makeshape Gif Flagpole

Short capture of the app

Make Shapes, Guess Shapes

Makeshapes is a digital game where you receive a clue and a bunch of colourful shapes. Your task is to organize the shapes into a composition which most resembles the given clue. For example, if your clue is "computer", you take some of the squares and rectangles and, voilà, you have a monitor with keyboards. When you're done, the built-in AI tries to guess what your composition is supposed to be. If it correctly guesses your original clue, you win. This is a proof of concept for a game I made in one day during Codevember 2019.

Makeshape Gif Electric Guitar

Short capture of the app

Technical Details

This web app uses p5.js as its rendering engine, matter.js to generate and handle the 2D shapes and their physics, and the MobileNet-based machine learning algorithm of the ml5.js library to analyze and classify the compositions. Contact me if you'd like to try it.