data visualization, cinema


You can view the installation online at This piece visualizes the average shot length of each of a list of filmmakers. Moreover, the rectangle which shows the tempo is set to have the typical aspect ratio associated with the filmmaker(s) in question. This works best as a large-scale installation, as a projection, for instance. I got the data about editing from Cinemetrics. I looked up the aspect ratio for each director at IMDb.

As a web installation, it can be viewed all over the world on all types of devices. Ideally, it is a large-scale installation in a gallery space or music venue. The pulsating rectangle of the metaphorical movie screen shows the tempo of the given filmmaker(s). The white shape flashes in the same way as the screen lights up the room at varying rates at the cinema.

Behind the Scenes

The list of currently available directors follows along with the relevant information of average shot length (in seconds) and typical aspect ratio: